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FREE Shipping + Money Back Guarantee + Made in the USA

Today, most of our scientific and medical communities still focus on disease management after disease sets in the body — not true health care and prevention. Here at OptiCel, we are driven by a mission for proactive preventive health care. Every member of our team has family histories of chronic diseases, and we were determined help them. We knew we’d need a new, more holistic approach.

First, we defined the mechanisms that trigger specific chronic diseases at the cellular level, where healing and prevention all start. And second, we developed clinically proven bioactive technologies that holistically address those triggers of disease and at the same time promote our bodies’ natural abilities to delay, fight, and even mitigate those diseases through cell health optimization


As we learned about the failures of current approaches to either prevent or reduce the prevalence of chronic diseases, we developed a more holistic and integrated approach based on our in-depth understanding of the following:

  • The triggers involved in chronic diseases’ development and progression.
  • The pathways and mechanisms by which the triggers cause disease development at the cellular and molecular level.
  • The tools the body inherently use to defend itself from attacks by various triggers.
  • How healthy diets and natural bio-actives play a significant role in mitigating chronic diseases development and progression.
  • Scientific research and identification of natural bio-actives that work synergistically to mitigate, restore and protect cellular health.