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Glucose Balance

Balance our Blood Sugar

6 reviews

Developed to promote healthy metabolism and healthy blood glucose levels.

OptiCel Formula: Clinically formulated with select natural ingredients that work synergistically to provide targeted cell nutrition and help prevent diseases before they start.

- Healthy metabolism and weight management

- Glucose balance

- Restore and maintain gut health, neutralize systemic inflammation

- Increases mitochondrial biogenesis for cell health and fat burning (SIRT1/PGC1α/AMPK)

- Healthy Aging

- Improved cognitive function

- Boost insulin sensitivity

- Synergistic performance of select and highly bioavailable ingredients

- Power of five supper ingredients, organic, natural, non-GMO


Designed for easy absorption into the body

Enriches your blood with targeted, highly biocompatible essential nutrients

Feeds your cells the missing essential nutrients they need to optimize youthful functionality

Our proprietary, targeted nutriceutical blends give your cells exactly what they need to perform more optimally and potentially delay onset of diabetes.

Designed to help you process glucose — optimally!

The OptiCel Glucose Health formula is specially formulated to improve and maintain healthy glucose balance using clinically selected, highly absorbable, natural bio-actives. Each one of the five active ingredients in OptiCel Glucose Balance is clinically proven to deliver a significant glucose management benefits. Because they are combined in precisely right ratios, they work synergistically to provide greater benefits in mitigating disease and in both promoting and even restoring better cellular health, and optimize insulin response to blood glucose.

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Glucose is a simple sugar that our blood stream carries throughout the body to all the cells which make use of the sugar to produce energy for the body to function. We need to maintain the blood glucose levels within a safe range to avoid diabetes (high glucose levels) and hypoglycemia (low glucose levels). Diabetes is a chronic condition that results in too much sugar in the blood. Diabetes, if not controlled, can lead to several serious health problems including heart disease, neuropathy, vision problems, and other effects. Low blood sugar levels are also problematic as they cause palpitations, light headedness, memory problems, and other repercussions.   

Our bodies convert food into energy. This energy can come from carbohydrates, protein and fat with a portion of each converted into sugar. Our main source of energy is from carbohydrates. Our bodies quickly convert carbohydrates into glucose which is a type of sugar which enters the bloodstream. As a result, blood glucose levels change depending on the type and quantity of food consumed throughout the day. In general, blood glucose levels increase after eating, reaching a maximum level after about two hours. As the body makes use of glucose, with the help of insulin, the levels gradually decrease to a steady state until the next meal. Insulin is a protein/enzyme produced by the pancreas that helps glucose enter the cells to make energy. It is the equilibrium between sugar production and utilization that is generally referred to as glucose balance.   

Unfortunately, diabetes is a chronic problem affecting nearly 30 million people in the US alone. Diabetes could be due to and/or triggered in people at risk by genetics, wrong diet such as high carbohydrate diet that converts to glucose rapidly; obesity where excess sugar in the blood gets stored in the form of glycogen/fat in the muscle, and inactivity. Smoking also contributes to diabetes. The diagnosis of a high glucose problem is via a simple blood test. If the test is done while fasting, the normal level is about 90 mg/dl. If the test is done two hours after a meal, the ideal level is about 140 mg/dl. There is some leeway with these numbers depending on what is eaten and the person’s age and metabolism.   

Typically, people who are diagnosed with diabetes are given one or more of several prescription drugs. These drugs work by a variety of mechanisms and most people end up taking more than one drug or higher doses of the same drug as they age and the disease becomes worse. However, the onset of the disease or its progression can be controlled with lifestyle changes such as eating more complex carbohydrates (rather than simple carbohydrates such as bread or pasta), reducing weight with exercise, and stress management/relaxation. These lifestyle changes are encouraged and helps even if one is taking medication. By intervening early, you can work to keep your cells healthy and your glucose well balanced.  

Lifestyle changes are hard to make. But there are certain supplements that when taken regularly help promote glucose balance. The scientists at Summit Innovation Labs have studied in detail the components of healthy diet (vegetables, fruits, spices and nuts) and identified several ingredients with the ability to help body process glucose better. These ingredients formulated into the OptiCel Glucose Balance caplets are also capable of acting as antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents which help insulin function better.  

It is recommended to take two caplets of OptiCel Glucose Balance each day with a glass of water. We also recommend you check your blood glucose levels regularly, and consult your physician, particularly if you are pre-diabetic or diabetic.

In a short time, you may notice real changes

The bio-active ingredients in Opticel work so well together that no matter which formula you take, bio-markers of your overall health and well-being may start improving all at the same time - especially if you make other lifestyle changes. Work with your physician before and after you start taking OptiCel. There are a number of diagnostics tests and measurements that can show you just how much healthier you may become.


The more we researched disease prevention, the more we discovered that nature already had all the answers we were looking for. Our proprietary nutriceutical design approach is:


Healthy food is the best medicine, but it is nearly impossible to get sufficient quantities of the daily essential nutrients in to the body from currently available foods. OptiCel was designed to provide targeted supplementation helping to ensure the body gets sufficient essential nutrients daily for optimal health


Opti-Activation — our proprietary scientific approach integrates clinically researched specific nutraceutical bioactives that work synergistically to address many of the widely recognized mechanisms of chronic diseases.


Plant-based ingredients also deliver maximum absorption and optimal availability to your cells — naturally!


In a FDA approved cGMP facility in Arizona. Ingredients tested for quality and purity before each batch. All finished production batches tested by 3rd party outside lab.


Highly Absorbable

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Gluten Free

Noun_Project_50Icon_5px_grid - diëten iconen line thick - samengesteld pad

Soy Free

Noun_Project_50Icon_5px_grid - diëten iconen line thick - samengesteld pad

Sugar Free


how much fruit & vegetables would you need to eat?

To get the nutrition found in two caplets of OptiCel, you would have to eat more than 10 pounds of very specific natural sources including the skins and seeds of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices each day.

Each patent-pending formula is scientifically designed to address the key inducers (mechanisms) of disease while strengthening the body’s ability to fight disease at the same time. The bio-actives of the ingredients are extracted from natural sources for maximum bio-activity and are optimized for absorption by the body. The ingredients are designed to work synergistically together to deliver better results than each ingredient alone.

The Powerful, Synergistic, Bio-Actives in Heart Health

At OptiCel, we know that sourcing is critical to our product efficacy. Not all ingredients are the same — and many supplement companies use cheaper, less effective ingredients to maximize their profits - not optimize your health.

MAGNESIUM COMPLEX Found in green vegetables, some nuts and naturally in the ground. Clinically proven to help improve heart and digestive health, increase energy and endurance, and support the body's natural defense mechanisms. Our product uses Dimagnesium Malate as one of the primary sources of Magnesium, which provides better solubility and absorption into the body.

EGCG Found primarily in green tea. Clinically proven to reduce inflammation, improve liver function and insulin sensitivity.

QUERCETIN Found in apple skin, onions and Sophora Japonica. Clinically proven to improve lipid profiles and reduce inflammation. The key issue for Quercetin is poor solubility and bioavailability. Hence, EMIQ, a bioavailable form is used as a source of quercetin for optimal solubility and absorption.

CURCUMIN Isolated from turmeric found in the roots of curcuma longa. We use Theracurmin, the preferred source of Curcumin, which is optimized for better absorption by the body and is clinically proven to help reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, elevated cholesterol, and hypertension.

TRANS-RESVERATROL Found in “root of Japanese Knotweed,” grape seed and skin. Clinically proven to help in restoring blood glucose balance, in lowering Hb-A1c and in enhancing body’s defense mechanisms.


OptiCel eliminates the hassles and extra expenses of buying ingredients separately to develop an effective formula.

* Competitive costs shown reflect typical and/or average pricing found for similar ingredients and dosages as posted on various web properties as of September 2020. The OptiCel’s $59 per bottle price shown is based on our 3 month subscription commitment.


Cellular optimization is the next frontier in nutrition. Get our guide for science-based tips you can use today to optimize your cellular health.

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    Catherine A.
    United States United States

    Immediately after being diagnosed with diabetes, I was the poster child for controlling my sugar and carb intake. After three months my numbers dropped considerably and my doctor was very pleased. I learned about OptiCel and thought, ‘what do I have to lose’, even though I am a ‘if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is’ kind of person. For the next three months I had an occasional dessert, had chocolate a few times and had pasta now and then. I did not gorge but I did eat these things diabetics should avoid when possible. I just got my blood work from my second three month check up and my numbers are even better! I am ecstatic! Even though I have eaten foods not recommended for diabetics my numbers are better and the only difference is, I am taking OptiCel Glucose Balance. I am beyond thrilled! Thank you, thank you for this amazing product! Sincerely, Cathy Bertke

    Arsema B.
    United States United States
    Remarkable! I lost 12 LBS in a month !!!

    I was recommended to try Opticel by a friend as my family has a history of diabetes. I normally eat a healthy diet full of fruits and veggies and workout on a regular basis but with hypothyroidism it's very tough to lose weight and insulin resistance is a reason behind that. I took Opticel - Glucose Balance faithfully everyday for a month and went from 145 to 132. It's so exciting to see progress without the side effect. Opticel not only helps with Glucose balance but I feel overall more energized, and I feel confident that I am preventing the onset of diabetes. To the scientists behind this - thank you!!!!!!

    david k.
    United States United States
    So far so good

    The product arrived on time in good order.i have been taking it for 3 weeks and have noticed my energy level is up already

    United States United States
    Excited and very hopeful.

    OptiCel has been a life changer for me for the better. My dad bought OptiCel GB for me to help improve my health. Happy to report that my pre-diabetic condition is in full control and reversing to a more healthier status. I have experienced no negative side effects. I have more energy now, sleeping better and am more active. Thank you OptiCel.

    Christina T.
    United States United States
    Terrific results

    I took OptiCel for 6 weeks. It helped me maintain a healthy glucose balance, have more energy, be more active and 18 lbs down towards my weight management goal.