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Satya Majeti

Satya Majeti, PhD
  • “Hero of Chemistry” Award  from the American Chemical Society  
  • Former Research Fellow - R&D P&G
  • PhD Organic Chemistry - UCLA
  • 50 US and International Patents Issues 

Having grown up in a vegetarian family in India, Dr Majeti was exposed early on to the role played by diet and exercise in maintaining good health.  In school, he was introduced early to the principles of Ayurveda as it is the ancient medical tradition practiced in India using nutrients, herbs and spices.  In his studies at college student level, he was once again taught the scientific basis for Ayurveda and introduced to numerous published studies in vitro, animal and human models.  This is where he developed a passion for using spices and herbs like curcumin, ginger, Ashwagandha, cinnamon, garlic, etc. as health maintainers. While all these are pretty much used every day in Indian cooking, their role as nutritional supplements in the West came to light more recently.  Since then he has been highly committed to engage in providing such natural and safe agents to people all over the world.

Achieving a PhD in Organic Chemistry at UCLA, Dr Majeti drove scientific discoveries and consumer solutions while at Procter & Gamble and holds over 35 patents worldwide  

After retiring from P&G, he teamed up with former colleagues who were similarly motivated to help prevent and reverse debilitating chronic health problems with natural agents to keep people healthy. As he joined the SIL group and started developing proprietary technology based on the knowledge from Western medicine and science, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Herbal Medicine from Europe.  

“With the success of the collective efforts of the scientific team and the development of the OptiCel products, I personally have realized my dream of helping people around the world live healthier lives.”