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Why Prevention is Better Than Cure...And 3 Ways To Get Started

Why would you treat disease when you can prevent it in the first place?

I first ask myself that question over 30 years ago.

Now through the advances in science and medicine we can see well in advance how major disease like heart disease and diabetes start at the cellular level.

There are mechanisms in our cells or call them triggers of disease, if you will, that get turned on in the cells because of some inherited risk factors, poor lifestyle choices, aging and environmental challenges.

As the triggers are turned on, cell health becomes compromised, the body’s natural defenses get weakened and diseases take hold. As individuals it is up to us to proactively engage on our health matters and prevent the triggers of disease and their progress to symptoms and then full-blown disease.

Our cells are where disease, healing and prevention all start.

If we can protect our cells, we can prevent or at minimum significantly delay many diseases from impacting our productivity and quality of life. What actions should we take to protect our cells?

Critical prevention measures include regular exercise and mostly plant-based diet full of minerals like magnesium and nutrients like polyphenols found in non-starchy green vegetables, fruits and spices.

While this regimen is common sense it is not always easy to subscribe to. So, this means we need to leverage the best of science and nature to nourish and detoxify our cells with a supplement while at the same time boosting our immune system, all to keep the cells as healthy as possible.

Scientifically designed natural supplementation can be a convenient and highly effective path for self-defense. In the next few pages we will discuss strategies for each measure.

Age-Appropriate Exercise

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Exercise activates key antibodies, white blood cells, and enzymes like AMPK that are essential for boosting energy production, and immune support.

Exercise strengthens the body’s critical function regulators, like body temperature and glucose levels.

Exercise also helps reduce stress, removes excess energy, and helps clear undesirable chemicals from our body.

As a result we can sleep better. Sleep is critically important to refresh and repair our mind and body.

Exercise is key to starting a Virtuous Cycle — a continuous commitment to healthier choices in your food choices, sleep and fitness.

Age-appropriate exercises can include:

  • Aerobic exercise: 20 minutes or more daily of walking briskly or jogging; taking classes such as spinning, HIIT, cardioboxing, Bootcamp; participating in sports such as pickleball, tennis, basketball etc; or using exercise equipment such as a treadmill, elliptical machine, rowing machine, or exercise bike.
  • Strength training Resistance bands, weights, body weight exercises, or weight machines
  • Stretching and toning Yoga, pilates, or barre

Those over 50 should seek low-impact forms of exercises which are easier on the joints such as walking rather than running, bands/smaller hand weights versus heavy weights, etc.

Food is The Best Medicine

food is medicine opticel


A well balanced plant-based diet is the best strategy to detoxify and nourish our cells boosting our natural defenses (immunity).

Specifically, the critical nutrients (vitamins, minerals and potent polyphenols) that have been long documented to best help achieve and maintain our cells in a high performance include:

  • Curcumin: from roots of c. longa (turmeric).
  • Quercetin: known as Sophora Japonica, also found in apples and onions.
  • EGCG: found in green and black tea leaves.
  • Magnesium: can be found in green vegetables and almonds.
  • Vitamin K2: found in kale, soy and broccoli.
  • Trans-Resveratrol: found in grape skin and seeds and in root of Japanese Knotweed.
  • Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins: (OPCs), found in fresh grape seeds

Unfortunately, eating enough of these foods every day is difficult and repeating the same diet every day is boring.

Add to that there are many things we like to eat that negatively impact our cells ability to stave off disease (sugar, caffeine, high levels of fat...) and many times we find we need more than a natural diet to achieve the optimum levels of nutrition.

The Power of Supplementation

triggers of disease

Eating the perfect diet is hard.

Many of the items high in immunity building potent polyphenols and antioxidants are fruit and vegetable skins and seeds. And you have to eat a fairly large amount of them to get the level of nutrients you need every day.

Fortunately, there is an alternative.

You can get the nutrients you need from Nutra-Molecularly diverse, highly bioavailable supplements.

What is Nutra-Molecular Diverse?

There are 9 to 12 triggers of disease, that is, ways cells can be damaged allowing disease to start. Many supplements stop one of these triggers. And while that is good, it is not enough.

Disease will just change lanes and attack from another direction. Nutra-molecularly diverse supplementation has the nutrients to block many of the triggers at the same time giving disease no where to get a foothold.

What is Bioavailablity?

It is the rate that, and extent of, the given amount of actives gets to your body. In OptiCel, the vitamins, minerals and potent polyphenols are formulated in a way that they are easy for your body to eciently absorb. Two factors matter here.

The source must be natural – something your body is used to absorbing. Secondly it must be in a form and amount that effectively yields the needed amount in your body.

Find the Formula to Optimize Your Health 

OptiCel was developed with both Nutra-Molecular Diversity and Bioavailability in mind.

OptiCel offers 3 Patent pending formulas, with all-natural ingredients, proven in cell cultures and human trials to improve cell health for their specific intended purpose.

While OptiCel can not claim to protect against the transmission of COVID-19, the ingredients present in the products are known to support the immune-system, promote whole-body health and help resist infections; therefore, constitute a good addition to consumer’s regimen for disease prevention and improved quality of life.

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