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"Why I Started OptiCel": Dr. Gabe's Founder Story

A true story and perhaps a meaningful purpose in life...

A Scientist's journey to breakthrough scientific discovery driven from frustration and a feeling of helplessness from not being able to aid his childhood friend Anthony and his mother, Faith many years before.

While in graduate school, I learned that cardiovascular disease has been documented as the number one cause of death for more than 50 years.

Sadly, the story has not changed, even now in 2022.

I can readily relate as I lost a dear childhood friend that was only 25 years old and also my mother at age 62 to heart disease. My mother correctly concluded that heart disease was a family issue and hinted in her own way that I should study as much as possible to help break the cycle of heart disease related deaths and make a difference in the lives of my family members and more.

I wanted answers why heart disease was such a pervasive problem and what may be done about it. At that time, symptoms like elevated cholesterol and blood pressure could be managed for a period time thanks to modern medicine that has helped to extend life, but there were no means to prevent the progress of the disease or change the inevitable outcome.

It was also clear that the root causes of cardiovascular disease and associated cellular biochemical mechanisms were not fully defined and understood. I finished graduate school with more knowledge and some answers but not enough to make a difference to these complex problems...yet.

After graduate school, I started to work in industry as a health care scientist and progressed over the years to become a global leader in health care research and product development at one of the world's most respected consumer products companies. Meanwhile, I also encouraged and supported the research into cardiovascular diseases over the following two decades.

Fast forward 20 years - thanks to the advances in biological sciences, my contributions in research, and that of the global scientific community gave me a great deal of insights into the root causes of cardiovascular diseases and related chronic diseases like diabetes and arthritis.

One of the key insights was that such diseases are tough to handle because they have anywhere from 10 to 15 root causes at the cellular level where disease, healing and prevention all take place.

That means the need to have a holistic approach is essential if one is to go beyond simply managing symptoms of diseases to instead provide meaningful benefits that prevent, or at least delay, the onset of the diseases and grant higher quality of life to patients.

Another insight I learned was that over 80% of adults have risk factors in them for at least one of the chronic diseases due to inherited conditions, lifestyle, diet, aging and the environment they live in.

Additionally, I learned that for men and women in the United States of America, mortality from cardiovascular disease is higher than all of the deaths attributed to all types of cancer combined while diabetes is one of the fastest growing chronic diseases and arthritis is the number one cause of disability.

I knew there must be a better way to improve people's years in good health and their quality of life.

In 2009 and 2013 I was honored and very much encouraged by prestigious recognitions for my contributions in improving health care globally by the American Institute for Biomedical Engineering and the US Nationally Academy – Bio-Engineering section.

Armed with the fundamental knowledge on the root causes of these diseases, I started a full-time effort on an ambitious project to formulate a holistic solution to the chronic health problems.

That was in 2014.

Soon at the start, I was fortunate to be joined by award-winning scientists that wrestled with the same questions as I did for a long time and together, we made it our mission to help start the journey of health care to the next frontier - prevention.

Specifically, to create a product line that is highly effective in the prevention and early treatment of chronic diseases, accessible and affordable, meaningfully extending life and quality of life.

We spent years researching the disease triggers, how to optimize health, finding the most effective ingredients, and ensuring that the key ingredients would address all of the important disease triggers while optimizing health.

In support of this effort, we were also generously assisted by colleagues from around the world in various fields of relevant endeavor – thought leaders in health care, material sciences, advanced cellular nutrition and formulation, manufacturing, marketing, and consumer behavior research experts that supported the mission of prevention.

In 2021, we launched the OptiCel product line that was clinically validated to be safe and effective to help prevention and early treatment of chronic diseases. We filed several patents on OptiCel and three have already been granted thus far.

OptiCel is made from carefully chosen and tested natural and proven highly absorbable and synergistic bioactives, and works holistically in two ways at the same time.

That is, it fights the inducers of diseases and boosts the body’s natural immune system needed to fight disease that is often hampered by onset of chronic diseases.

OptiCel is produced in the U.S. in a FDA-approved cGMP facility where all ingredients must conform to the highest purity and quality standards and all finished product is tested in an outside laboratory to ensure it meets production standards.

Based on overwhelming consumer input, we opted to make OptiCel available over the counter without prescription.

OptiCel is now readily accessible from our branded website, and on as well as at select doctors' offices. Consumers’ reactions and testimonials on OptiCel have been wonderful and a huge boost to the mission on prevention.

These support our scientific observations that OptiCel addresses the serious risk factors and symptoms of the diseases while providing more energy, sleep, and mental focus, while enhancing exercise and sports endurance and recovery.

I am excited that OptiCel may be able to help so many people in their journey to their best health and that they may be spared the tragic and painful experiences Anthony and my mother had many years ago.

I am very hopeful that just for the price of a cup of coffee a day, many will be enabled to be proactive in fighting their risk factors and optimize their cells and their health.

Our team is more energized than ever as we continue our work to help people fight the triggers of these diseases as well as others as we develop more exciting products to come.


OptiCel was scientifically formulated with multiple bio-actives that work together, giving you the specific nutrients you need from a molecularly diverse, highly bioavailable nutraceutical.

There are multiple triggers of disease that can start at the cellular level, and many supplements aim to stop just one of those triggers. In contrast, OptiCel was designed by leading scientists to block multiple triggers of disease at the same time and help keep the cells healthy to optimize a person's health.

Learn more about how OptiCel Heart Health, Glucose Balance, and Joint Health can help you mitigate, restore and protect your cellular health here.