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5 Science Based Tips for Optimal Cellular Health

The best way to be healthy and stay healthy is to own your health and lead your health program. Owning your health means you mind your lifestyle which includes your choice of nutrition, physical activities as well as physical and mental rest.

Below is an outline of how you may help keep optimal body and mind health and function.

The keys are in choosing a healthy lifestyle and in supplementing only what is missing in your nutrition and your personal health.

1. Eat Healthy Food Daily

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  • Choose and eat balanced meals that include sources of protein, green vegetables, fruits, whole grains and some spices, with the use of portion control.
  • Consume daily a variety of vegetables and fruits which contain potent polyphenols, minerals and vitamins that provide key anti inflammation and anti-oxidative stress benefits throughout the body.
  • Make your last meal of the day be 3 hours before you go to bed.
  • Reduce excess sugar and salt intake.
  • Avoid processed and “junk” food as much as possible.
  • Do not overcook vegetables, meat, fish, and all sources of your proteins.

2. Make Your Gut Health Top Priority

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Where is your immunity, heart health, metabolism rooted? That's right...the Gut.

  • Eat pre-biotics in your daily meals because these are food for the good microbiome in the gut. Most fruits, vegetables, nuts and whole grains have fiber which are good sources of pre-biotics. These will help promote healthy metabolism, glucose balance, and healthy bowel movement along with other benefits.
  • Drink 5 to 7 glasses of water a day, and drink alcoholic beverages only in moderation. Drinking water before a meal will help reduce hunger, help manage portion control and improve metabolism.

3. Get Sufficient Protein Daily for Energy and Healthy Body Functions

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  • Fish and plant-based sources of protein (such as lentils and beans) provide quality protein and healthy fat. It is scientifically documented that having fish as key part of a healthy diet reduces the risk of chronic diseases while also providing vital energy for a productive quality of life.
  • Plant-based sources of protein can provide sufficient protein levels for the body.

4. Be Mindful - Your Body is Communicating with You at all Times

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  • Get enough sleep and rest every day. Good sleep is key for repairing the body and mind, maintaining proper function of all kinds of hormones associated with weight and stress control, optimizing physical and mental performance and aiding in recovery.

  • Maintain your cardio exercise effort at least 4 times a week, and if possible daily, to boost your metabolism, remove toxins from the body and build muscle body support.

  • Avoid heavy drinking and exposure to bright light before bedtime to minimize disturbance of your rest and sleep at night.

  • Get help to stop smoking and drug related issues.

  • Budget and maintain quality time for all your key relationships. This is critical to your stress management and mental health.

5. Determine What is Missing in Your Healthy Nutrition and Only Supplement What is Missing

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  • As part of your checkup determine what is missing in your nutrition and lifestyle that is affecting your health now and perhaps more in the future.
  • Shortages in your nutrition could include sources of potent polyphenols, magnesium, K2, fiber, etc., that are critical for many body functions and prevention of diseases.
  • Modern healthy diet and lifestyle can go a good part of the way to address our needs but are ultimately insufficient because one would have to eat a great deal more daily of specific items daily to gain those key nutrients that the cells need. Also, the nutrients are often not readily absorbed from the gut into the body to reach our cells where disease, prevention and healing all start.