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with OptiCel Joint Health

Uniquely designed to help lessen inflammation, maintain healthy joints, and promote easy movement.

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Designed for easy absorption into the body

Enriches your blood with targeted, highly biocompatible essential nutrients

Feeds your cells the missing essential nutrients they need to optimize youthful functionality

Our proprietary, targeted nutriceutical blends give your cells exactly what they need to perform more optimally and potentially delay onset of chronic joint diseases.

Designed to help your joints work — optimally!

The OptiCel Joint Health formula is specially formulated to improve joint and ligament function using scientifically selected, highly absorbable, natural bio-actives. Each one of the five active ingredients in OptiCel Joint Health is clinically proven to deliver a significant joint health benefits. Because they are combined in precisely right ratios, they work synergistically to provide greater benefits in mitigating disease and in both promoting and even restoring better cellular health, and optimizing the health of your bones and cartilage.

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The function of joints in the body is to facilitate movement in all different directions. A joint is a link where two or more bones come together like knees, hips, shoulders and wrist. The ends of the joints are covered by cartilage which protects the joints and, with the joint fluid, facilitate smooth movement of the joint bones and protect them from rubbing against each other. However, several conditions cause the cartilage to erode leading to joints bones rubbing against each other and causing pain. This condition is what is typically called arthritis with the most common form being osteoarthritis (OA). Nearly 30 million people suffer from OA in the US and this painful disease is a primary cause of disability.  

The most effective way to keep joints healthy is through lifestyle practices: physical activity, balanced diet, avoiding obesity, diabetes and other metabolic disorders. There are several interrelated factors that work together to cause progressive degenerative conditions in weight bearing joints of knees, hips, lumbar spine, neck, hands, etc. These factors are oxidative stress, inflammation, and obesity. As such, the most commonly used medications for pain relief are anti-inflammatory agents. However, prolonged use of such agents can cause side effects such as kidney and liver damage.   

Scientists have taken alternative approaches to deal with arthritis using natural anti-inflammatory minerals and phytonutrients. Some of the well-recognized ones are curcumin, quercetin, pycnogenol and green tea extract (EGCG) combined with the mineral magnesium. All these natural plant phenolic compounds have been shown to possess potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Research further suggests that these polyphenols represent a viable alternative to NSAIDs, and that they may complement the activity of some OA drugs. The effectiveness of these agents in OA is considered to be due to their ability to attenuate nuclear factor kappa B (Nf-kB) signaling, reduce the production of inflammatory mediators and interfere with cartilage destruction. Hence, they may prevent OA development and at the same time provide pain relief.   

The scientists at Summit Innovation Labs have formulated key ingredients with ability to support joint health into caplets available as OptiCel Joint Health. The ingredients are specifically chosen based on their proven activities in clinical studies leveraging the highly bioavailable forms for quick systemic delivery and action. It is recommended to take two caplets per day with a glass of water. Also recommended is continued healthy lifestyle practices such as regular exercise, stretching, balanced diet and following any specific recommendations from your doctor.

In a short time, you may notice real changes

The bio-active ingredients in Opticel work so well together that no matter which formula you take, bio-markers of your overall health and well-being may start improving all at the same time - especially if you make other lifestyle changes. Work with your physician before and after you start taking OptiCel. There are a number of diagnostics tests and measurements that can show you just how much healthier you may become.


The more we researched disease prevention, the more we discovered that nature already had all the answers we were looking for. Our proprietary nutriceutical design approach is:


Healthy food is the best medicine, but it is nearly impossible to get sufficient quantities of the daily essential nutrients in to the body from currently available foods. OptiCel was designed to provide targeted supplementation helping to ensure the body gets sufficient essential nutrients daily for optimal health


Opti-Activation — our proprietary scientific approach integrates clinically researched specific nutraceutical bioactives that work synergistically to address many of the widely recognized mechanisms of chronic diseases.


Plant-based ingredients also deliver maximum absorption and optimal availability to your cells — naturally!


In a FDA approved cGMP facility in Arizona. Ingredients tested for quality and purity before each batch. All finished production batches tested by 3rd party outside lab.


Highly Absorbable

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Gluten Free

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Soy Free

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Sugar Free


how much fruit & vegetables would you need to eat?

To get the nutrition found in two caplets of OptiCel, you would have to eat more than 10 pounds of very specific natural sources including the skins and seeds of fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices each day.

Each patent-pending formula is scientifically designed to address the key inducers (mechanisms) of disease while strengthening the body’s ability to fight disease at the same time. The bio-actives of the ingredients are extracted from natural sources for maximum bio-activity and are optimized for absorption by the body. The ingredients are designed to work synergistically together to deliver better results than each ingredient alone.

The Powerful, Synergistic, Bio-Actives in Heart Health

At OptiCel, we know that sourcing is critical to our product efficacy. Not all ingredients are the same — and many supplement companies use cheaper, less effective ingredients to maximize their profits - not optimize your health.

MAGNESIUM COMPLEX Found in green vegetables, some nuts and naturally in the ground. Clinically proven to help improve heart and digestive health, increase energy and endurance, and support the body's natural defense mechanisms. Our product uses Dimagnesium Malate as one of the primary sources of Magnesium, which provides better solubility and absorption into the body.

EGCG Found primarily in green tea. Clinically proven to reduce inflammation, improve liver function and insulin sensitivity.

QUERCETIN Found in apple skin, onions and Sophora Japonica. Clinically proven to improve lipid profiles and reduce inflammation. The key issue for Quercetin is poor solubility and bioavailability. Hence, EMIQ, a bioavailable form is used as a source of quercetin for optimal solubility and absorption.

CURCUMIN Isolated from turmeric found in the roots of curcuma longa. We use Theracurmin, the preferred source of Curcumin, which is optimized for better absorption by the body and is clinically proven to help reduce inflammation, oxidative stress, elevated cholesterol, and hypertension

TRANS-RESVERATROL Found in “root of Japanese Knotweed,” grape seed and skin. Clinically proven to help in restoring blood glucose balance, in lowering Hb-A1c and in enhancing body’s defense mechanisms.


Cellular optimization is the next frontier in nutrition. Get our guide for science-based tips you can use today to optimize your cellular health.